The Sawx

This site is mostly going to feature my feelings on the Mets, however there are several other teams I can appreciate watching during baseball season. Most of them are in the American League because they in no direct way affect the Mets success or failures. The Red Sox are one of those teams. 

It makes sense to me that Mets fans can appreciate the Red Sox. Red Sox fans no longer have a reason to be bitter about the 86 world series, and we both share a common enemy in the New York Yankees.  

I see both the Sox and the Mets as lovable working class teams. I was chatting with someone at work the other day who said he could see how people drew similarities between people from Boston and people from NYC. I told him I don’t think it’s necessarily people from the city itself, but more so the people from the outer boroughs. Especially, Brooklyn. Boston is very blue collar, working class, and those same features of the city are mirrored in places like Brooklyn. I feel like people from both Brooklyn and Boston have said the phrase “You’re not better than me” more than anyone else in the country. And if they’re not verbalizing it to you, they’re always saying it with their face. I once went to see the Dropkick Murphys in Boston at the House of Blues which is right across from Fenway.  After the show they were selling Fenway Franks outside the venue. It wasn’t even baseball season yet. Nothing makes me happier then bar food late at night. I got one and continued making my way up the block with the rest of the crowd exiting the show. I head one guy say from behind me “That shit will give yah diarrhea.” Much to my surprise it didn’t, but I loved that he felt the need to share that info with me. 

I suppose unless you’re a Yankee fan it’s hard not to appreciate the magic of Boston “reversing the curse” back in ’04. There’s a great 30 for 30 Documentary called “Four Nights in October.” Unless you’re made of stone, I’m convinced it will move anyone to tears. Maybe Im just a sucker for underdog comeback stories. How can you not be? You should always bet on the underdog, they’ll play harder than the favorite every single time.