By the Hammer of Thor

Noah Syndergaard, affectionately nicknamed Thor, is the pitcher Mets fans have been waiting for. He has a completely different vibe than the Dark Knight that is Matt Harvey. He’s fun, he doesn’t seek out or cause all this drama and tension in the media. He’s just 6’6″ 0f raw power and luscious blonde locks waving behind him. His twitter account banner image displays a bolt of lightening striking the Empire State building. And he’s made it very clear to Mets fans and the organization, that he would like to stay a Met, for his entire career if possible. Swoon. That is exactly what Mets fans crave. We just want to know that our best players love playing for the name on the front of the jersey just as much as they love playing for the name on the back of it. 

I wanted to stop myself from writing that Syndergaard was absolutely electric yesterday, because it’s a baseball cliche whether you’re talking about a norse god or not. But it’s true. Thor tops out at 100mph. I can’t even imagine what that must be like for hitters, and for the Royals, who rarely ever strike out. Syndergaard threw 9 Ks yesterday. 

I don’t have cable so unless I can find a decent stream of the game I’m usually listening to it on my phone in the MLB app. Even just listening to the sounds of him pitching along with the announcers commentary makes you feel like you’re seeing it right in front of your face. A lot of this credit also goes to the Mets radio broadcast team who are absolutely stellar. I hated taking the train home from work yesterday because it meant that I’d have to go without the broadcast for at least a half hour. I turned it back on just in time to hear Thor throw strikeout number 7. I was walking up the block to my apartment, and leapt for joy in such an aggressive manner that I scared the shit out of the woman walking past me.

The Mets may have been haunted by World Series ghosts on Sunday, but now it was the Royals turn, as they’re reminded that they just can’t seem to hit the God of Thunder.