Never Ending Story

I have no doubt that the title of this post has been used already in some newspaper as a headline. We’ve probably exhausted all the play on words for this guy’s name and we’re only 2 weeks into the baseball season. 

My roommate is from Colorado, and growing up a Rockies fan he could never really expect too much from the team. Even when the Rockies had solid hitting, it was always their rotation that never seemed quite enough to push them into the playoffs. It’s not surprising that this is the case in Colorado. What pitcher wants to play in a ballpark where the air is so thin that most fly balls will get carried out for home runs? You’ll probably never see a rotation like the Mets currently have spring up somewhere like Colorado. Rockies fans didn’t have much to be excited about after another losing season and after trading away Troy Tulowitski to the Jays. 

But then, a whole new chapter, in a whole new book, A BRAND NEW STORY. How tired are you of seeing sentences like that? It’s all pretty terrible. But Trevor Story did come out of nowhere as the Rockies young star. He’s already hit 8 home runs and most of those not even at Coors Field. And how about that name? Some men were just given these great baseball names. The kind of names that when you hear them you’re like “oh yeah the great so-n-so.” It just seems right that they would be on their way to be a legend. 

How weird is it that along with all this the Rockies beat San Francisco last night to hand them their sixth straight loss and are currently tied for the top of the division in the West with the Dodgers? No one saw this one coming. And while I love the Giants and it pains me to see them take a hit like this from the Rockies of all teams, I’m also a sucker for the underdog stories. Any team that upsets the Dodgers chances at a division title in the west is okay with me.