Half Way Home

Well here we are again. Half way through this glorious baseball season, and just as I predicted I have abandoned this blog completely. 

But to be fair, and in an attempt to justify my laziness, the first half of the baseball season doesn’t mean shit. Unless you’re the Atlanta Braves who have fallen so far down into pit of losses that there is no return, anything could happen from the second half of July to September. So what I’m saying is, now is the time where shit gets real. If this were a reality show, this is the part where the juicy stuff starts to happen. 

My beloved Mets are 6 games behind the Nationals. They just dropped 3 of 4 games to them before the all star break. I had the pleasure of going to that last game, and in a fitting sequence of events got food poisoning from something I ate at the ballpark. From what you ask? We may never really know. The amount of garbage food that I stuff in my face while at Citi Field is staggering. It was like my body reacting to Jose Reyes being the only reason the Mets scored at all that day. I’m still struggling to accept that my team brought him back right off a suspension for throwing his wife through a glass door. Every time a sports team does something like this, it’s like they spit in the face of their female fans. (That’s a topic for another day though. I could spend the rest of this post talking about the general problem with sports and domestic violence.)

The Mets are no worse off than they were this time last season. It just seems so much worse because the Nats are actually giving them a run for their money. Last season’s second half for the Mets was nothing short of an absolute miracle. They’re going to need to work that magic again if they want win the division let alone qualify for a wild card spot. It’s going to take more than Jose Reyes to do that. Mets fans have been doing the famous “Jose! Jose! Jose! Jose!” sing song chant at these games, and everyone seems to have forgotten that even without the domestic violence charges, this dude was kind of always a prick. 

Same goes with Daniel Murphy. Murphy has done nothing but make the Mets pay since he went to the Nationals. He’s having a stellar year. That being said, we don’t know if that would be the case if he was still on the Mets. Some people have a hard time performing in big market cities like New York. The media is merciless here. Some players can’t perform as they normally would, or to their best abilities under that New York pressure. Sometimes its the coaching staff change that helps. A new team means a new hitting coach. There are dozens of reasons. Some Mets fans will complain saying we should have never let him go. Another issue I strongly disagree with. While Murphy definitely put on a show in the NLCS against the Cubs, let’s not forget the constant defensive errors he would make in the field. Both Cabrera and Walker have been a huge defensive upgrade for the Mets. (And neither of them have expressed their homophobia in the newspapers either) 

But that’s just the way Mets fans look at their season. Nothing satisfies us. We can’t celebrate the little victories because we’re hungrier now more than ever after going to the World Series last year. I think this team may have a bit of a World Series hangover.  I don’t think we’re down and out of it just yet. It wouldn’t be the Mets if they didn’t make it interesting.