Rough Around The Edges

This past June I took a trip out to Chicago for a class at The Second City. This was my second trip to the Windy City and my first where there wouldn’t be a light snow falling from the sky when I woke up in the morning. I knew I had to catch a ballgame while I was out there.  

Wrigley Field is historic, and right now kinda pricey since the Cubs are the best they’ve been in years. Cubs fans, from what I’ve seen are very bro-y and Wrigleyville is like a frat house on game day. And of course, the Cubs have somewhat of a new rivalry with the Mets after the NLCS. 

I have some family in Chicago and I asked my dad what team they rooted for. “They’re all Cubs fans. They’re in the northern suburbs. Your cousin said the Sox are on the South Side so they’re a little more rough around the edges.” I liked that. The Cubs were the jocks and the Sox were the bad boys of Chicago. 

I always thought that the Cubs were the underdog of the city considering they haven’t won a World Series since 1918. But despite all that, they’re still the more popular team. They were the Yankees of Chicago. So my sister and I sprung for Sox tickets instead. 

It only added to the appeal that the Sox cap I bought looked much better with my personal style than a large red C. It was a great match up that night too. Detroit was in town and it was like a clash of the two grittiest cities. The Sox took the field to Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses while a highlight reel of history played on their jumbo screen. It was a good game. A slugfest. Im always impressed by teams who don’t fuck things up with runners in scoring position. They ended up losing to Detroit 11-8, but still put on a decent show. 

I started writing this post a few days ago, and I figured tonight would be the perfect night to finish it. With some perfect timing, the Sox ace Chris Sale was scratched from the starting line up this evening because he allegedly cut up the Sox throwback jerseys they were set to wear for the game this evening. Lord knows what prompted this pre-game rampage, word is that he’s on the trading block which maybe he wasn’t too keen about. This certainly wouldn’t help his cause. I’m loving it though, it just seems to add to the edge and bite that the White Sox seem to be known for in Chicago. Which is easy for me to say as an admirer of the team and not a die hard fan. Surely if one of the Mets pitchers were to pull such a stunt I’d be pissed. But the Mets are already throwing their season down the drain in new and exciting ways.