Eyes on the Tribe

A few years back, 2013 or 2014, I don’t remember exactly, I picked the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series. They did not. I can’t remember what prompted me to make that decision. It was more of an early gut instinct that I just decided to run with. At the beginning of this season I think everyone thought we could be in for a South Side/North Side Chicago World Series. Something that, should it happen in my lifetime, I would easily drop money to go see. 

It may not be the White Sox from the AL Central, but I could definitely see how this shapes up to be a Cleveland/Chicago, battle of the Midwest Fall Classic. These teams are the most fun to watch. As a Mets fan I’m constantly in awe just at their ability to score with runners in scoring position. Can you even fathom the madness that would follow in the city of Cleveland if their basketball team and baseball team won championships in the same year? 

I still can’t seem to bring myself to actively root for the Cubs in any of these predicted post-season situations. Some people are blown away by that.

“It’s been over 100 years! Don’t you think they deserve it?” 

Sure. I hate that the Mets haven’t won a World Series in 30 years so I can’t even begin to understand how Cubs fans must feel. I suppose it’s just that awful part of me that thinks it’s genuinely funny at this point that 108 years have passed with out a Cubs win.  That part of me that likes to take a joke too far and then see just how much further it could go. It’s so amusing that no matter how good the Cubs manage to be, the club finds some way to come up just a little bit short. What can I say? I have a dark sense of humor. 

I watched the Indians/Blue Jays game last night. They came up just a little short themselves, losing 6-5. But they were down originally 5-0. It’s always a tough loss when you battle back and yet still manage to come up short. But it’s the battle itself that I find so interesting. The Jays got lucky with that solo shot, that put them up in the inning following Lonnie Chisenhall’s 3 run bomb. If you give the Tribe a chance to comeback, they’re absolutely deadly. Case in point, the previous night:

There’s still a decent amount of baseball left. I know it’s an even year which usually bodes well for the Giants, but my pick is still the Tribe.