The Nats Problematic Fave

As a Mets fan, Bryce Harper is basically the devil. Except I’d like to think the devil wouldn’t be as “bro-y” as Harper. The devil would like to think himself better than that. Every now and then we get a sweet glimpse of who Harper truly is though, and it never fails to amuse me. He is an over paid furry toddler who likes to throw tantrums. Just look at this glorious shot of his stupid hair whip to and fro after he slammed his helmet to the ground and proceeded to curse out the home plate umpire.

There’s something very Chris Farley about this which just makes me love it more.  

There it is. Farley of course, was probably more fun to have around. Some how the tantrum didn’t quite rally the troops and the Nats fell to the Rockies 9-4 in extra innings.