In the Mets post game interview last night, after their 4-1 loss to the Nationals, Terry Collins was quoted saying:

“When you look up and you see you haven’t lost any ground, it’s not as frustrating. “You’re still there. You know that if you start winning a couple more, if we win the next couple nights, we’re not going to lose any more ground. It’s all about us taking care of our business.”

Thor pitched a strong game last night, and I hate to see him get that loss. I’m still a bit concerned at the way he tends to drive up his pitch count, but he seemed to settle into a groove after the first three innings to get himself to pitch 7 total. 

It’s hard not to think that every deity in the world is not working some kind of magic to make the Mets extend their season just a little further. I was hoping for that same start  as last year where the Mets came into Washington in September and swept them. Not just in those three games, but they were swept completely out of playoff contention. 

Mets fans held their breath again last night when they found out that DeGrom would be set to skip his next start due to forearm soreness. This news came not too long after finding out Neil Walker opted to end his season with back surgery. And so one by one the injuries and the issues continue to pile up. 

Terry Collins is right. Even if he comes off as stupidly optimistic. It is a lot less frustrating when you look up at that scoreboard and see that you’re still just 2 games out of the wild card. “Luck” is the word that continues to come to mind this season for the Mets. But luck won’t mean anything if you can’t produce on the other side to make it work for you. The Mets need to start making all these second, third, and fourth chances start to work for them. 

Then again, I think maybe what they really need this year is a little rest in October.