The California King

Giants vs. Cubs. Bumgarner vs. Arrieta. Easily one of the best games of this Saturday afternoon. 

Arrieta has a 0.15 ERA in his last 8 starts against teams from California. He has demolished the line ups of both the Dodgers and the Giants in his past few starts. Unfortunately, the Cubs came up a bit short today. 

Despite Arrieta having a solid outing, it was Javier Baez that stole the show. On an infield hit that couldn’t have rolled more than several feet in front of home plate, Baez manages to capitalize and run second to third, and eventually steal home. And in a game marked by smart base running on both sides, it would be poor base running that would be the Cubs ultimate undoing in the bottom of the 9th. Dexter Fowler bunted into what became a double play as Anthony Rizzo couldn’t manage to stay on the bag at second base. 

Kris Bryant was the last batter and couldn’t play savior today. Bryant lined out to Brandon Crawford. Bumgarner wins this match up of dueling aces. Certainly not the first or last time we’ll see these two battle again. This is what the NLDS could very well look like this year so Cubs and Giants fans alike have this thrilling match up to look forward to come October. 

Stray observation: The Cubs announcers on CSN mentioned Jorge Soler’s ingrown toenail far more times than I would have liked. 


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