Late Night With Seth Lugo

Seth Lugo did everything that the Mets could have asked for last night in the rubber game agains the Nats. He gave up just one run, a home run to Danny Espinosa, in 7 innings. Grandy and Bruce took care of the rest. 

I have to say it was refreshing. Throughout most of this season I’ve been excited to watch the starts of DeGrom, Matz, Syndergaard, and early on, Harvey. Each time I was disappointed or surprised at some of the downward spirals those games took. It’s been the pitchers no one has expected too much from that have been getting it done this season. Lugo, Montero, Gsellman. It’s a nice reminder that you can be a great pitcher and get that win for your team without burning up the radar gun at 100mph. Something that I think Mets fans have grown accustom to seeing. 

I’m happy for these guys. They deserve this chance to get the Mets into October. And most importantly, it means I don’t have to see Jon Niese on the mound for the Mets anymore. If there’s one injury I think all Mets fans can rejoice in, it’s Jon Niese. The man was traded to the Pirates, trashed talked the Mets, pitched so poorly for the Pirates that even their manager openly spoke of it, and yet somehow the Mets thought it would be a smart decision to bring him back. 

I’ll take our three young guns over Niese any day. Lugo got himself in a jam in that first inning. Bases loaded. One out. He pitched through it like a veteran. Even after giving up the solo shot to Espinosa in the second, he collected himself and kept moving. At one point retiring 11 batters in a row. 

The injuries continue to plague this team, and the Mets find a way to work around them. DeGrom will most likely miss 2 or more starts, but things might be looking up for the Mets. They’re like this unstoppable force. The more obstacles this season seems to throw at them, the more they seem to just barrel their way through.