No Sleep Till October

The Mets had a rough travel schedule following their win over the Nats on Sunday night. The next day was an afternoon game against the Reds in Cincy and the team didn’t get into their hotel till around 3:15am. 

Going into this game I had low expectations for a win. That’s a rough schedule for anyone, let alone ball players who have to be on the field just several hours later. Terry Collins was sporting a lineup without Reyes, Cespedes, and Cabrera to give them a rest after the long night. Once again where anyone would expect the Mets to falter, they came through in spectacular fashion. 

Colon pitched a stellar outing and was as reliable as we would have expected him to be. Matt Reynolds kicked things off with a solo shot in the top of the 3rd. He had just been recalled from Triple A the night before and had to make the journey from Salt Lake City after midnight to meet the Mets in Ohio. Mets fans may never want him to sleep again. Kelly Johnson would homer in the top of the 5th and Reynolds singled two more times after that adding another RBI to the list for the day. 

The Mets made no sleep look like no problem as they cruised to a 5-0 victory over the Reds.  However the Pirates did them no favors losing 12-6 to the Cardinals, but it seems like the Mets could be creeping closer to that number one wild card position as the Giants continue to endure their second half woes.