Down Goes DeGrom

Just when things start to pick up for the Mets, that injury bug comes back to bite them. DeGrom who had already missed several starts due to discomfort in his arm. While his bullpen session seemed to go well yesterday, it was while he was catching some fly balls in the outfield that the injury in his elbow seemed to flare up again. 

He’s going to have season ending surgery to repair the ulner nerve in his arm. A common surgery for pitchers who have undergone Tommy John in the past. (DeGrom had it done in 2010) The good news is the recovery time for this should only be about 3 months. DeGrom should be good to go by the time spring training rolls around next year. But as for right now, it’s another heartbreaker for Mets fans. 

The Mets are two games up in the second Wild Card spot thanks to the Giants continuing to take care of the Cardinals. They did get some more good news this week with the possible return of Duda and Lagares. If the Giants can sweep the Cardinals and the Mets can sweep the Twins or at least take 3 out of 4, they’ll have a nice 4 game cushion above the birds. With no return set in stone yet for Matz either, this could be one of the Mets most miraculous post season runs yet. 

There’s still something pretty special about this team in my opinion. It wasn’t the deadly rotation that everyone expected coming out of the spring. But they’re getting the job done anyway. Colon and Lugo have been my favorites to watch aside from Syndergaard and the Mets are certainly much closer to a post season than their World Series counterparts. By the looks of things, the Royals won’t even have the opportunity to defend their title and miss Octorber all together. So even after all this team has been through this season, I’m sitting here in September thinking, “Hey, it could be worse.”  

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