Benching Bruce

There’s been a lot of chat recently on whether or not Terry Collins made the right decision last night to bench a struggling Jay Bruce. A Jay Bruce, who is only 0 for his last 12, and 3 for his last 37 with the Mets according to Anthony DiComo. New Yorkers are not a patient group of people. Something I think Bruce is well aware of at this point. So last night Terry Collins took a huge chance batting rookie Eric Campbell in Bruce’s spot instead. 

Campbell singled into left field and brought in the run that would make the game 5-4. The Mets would still go on to lose last night, but seeing Campbell come through for us made me feel a whole lot better than watching Bruce struggle at the plate yet again.

I was watching High Heat on the MLB network this afternoon and they were making the argument that Collins needed to let Bruce “swing through his slump.”  I could not disagree more. Maybe if this was June baseball, that would be an option. But with the Mets into a dead heat Wild Card race with only 11 games left to play,  I wouldn’t say this is the ideal time to let Bruce “swing through it.” 

It’s crunch time for the Mets, and with the loss last night, they’re in a three way tie for the Wild Card with the Giants and Cardinals. There’s no time to be sensitive to an all star’s feelings. If Bruce wants to keep his spot in that lineup, he’s going to have to start producing for the Mets while there’s still time to do so. Or at the very least, don’t drop routine fly balls.

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