Chop, Chop: The Mets get swept by the Braves.

No matter the year, or the type of season the Mets are having, it seems that they cannot escape the bludgeoning they constantly take from the Braves. It plays out like a Greek tragedy every time. Even during a season that the Braves go below .500 baseball, they still find a way to pull an upset on the Mets. Driving Mets fans everywhere into complete madness. 

I grew up in the 90s when the Mets/Braves rivalry was so intense Im surprised it didn’t burn Shea Stadium or Turner field to the ground. Long gone are the days of John Rocker, and Chipper Jones (Laaaarrryyyyyy), that hatred seems to have now transferred over to Bryce Harper and the Nats. Which makes sense since that’s the team in the division that has been giving the Mets the most trouble. 

Call it bad luck, call it over management on Terry Collins’s end, call it a curse. The Mets have gone 9-10 this season against the Braves.  

The Mets are gearing up for 4 crucial games against the Phillies this weekend. Games that maybe wouldn’t have had such high stakes had the Mets at least taken one or two from the Braves this week. That’s never a great feeling going into a series especially when playing another team that’s currently below .500. The Phillies are coming into New York having won 6 of their last 4. Steven Matz will be making his return from the DL on Friday night, which will have everyone holding their breath in anticipation and fear. 

It’s going to be a weekend that I think will make or break this team. The Mets have continued to get lucky at least with the Cardinals and Giants have been losing as well. The National League Wild Card therefore continues to look like this:

My hope is that the Mets can sweep the Phillies and the Cubs will ruin St. Louis leaving the Mets to face the Giants in the Wild Card game. The last thing the Mets want is for this race to be so close that it comes down to winning the last two or three games of the season. 

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