Boom Goes the Blonde Bombshell

After Cespedes being robbed the night before, and Duda just missing a walk off earlier in last night’s game, I thought for sure the Mets magic had run out for the season.

Once again they’ve proved me wrong. The Mets needed this win badly. They needed it to get back on track, they needed it to help nurse the wound that was the news of Matz being pulled from his start on Friday. Asdrubal Cabrera delivered. In what I can only compare to right now as “Daniel Murphy-like” heroics in the bottom of the 11th, Cabrera blasted a home run into right field. When you’re watching the game, you can always tell right as it comes off the bat. Sometimes I don’t think the batter can always tell, it could just look like a deep fly ball from their end.

Cabrera knew it though. He knew it and gave us all the most glorious bat flip. Possibly the best of the entire baseball season. Mets fans are going to be replaying this one for awhile:

Terry Collins is lucky this team has so much fight in them. Even on nights where his over management has set them up to fail, the Mets come through. And they come through in spectacular fashion.

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