It’s a Cubs year.

The Cubs don’t care what year it is. The Cubs win games, the Cubs kill Giants, and the Cubs “ain’t afraid of no Goat.” (That last line was courtesy of an amazing shirt Bill Murray was wearing during game 1 in Chicago) Because to them, it’s the year the Cubs finally win a World Series. I’ll admit I was originally part of the skeptics. Thinking it’s not possible for them to have the best record and take a World Series title. Statistics show that since 1995 only 19% of the teams that have had the best record have gone on to win the World Series. 

All season long, despite the Cubs triumphs, I thought surely something would somehow get in their way and keep that daunting 108 year curse alive. But after watching their 9th inning rally against the Giants, it’s become clear that this team already sees themselves bringing that World Series back to the North Side of Chicago. I say this not because their demeanor is that of overconfidence or cockiness, but because the team refuses to go down swinging. 

The Cubs trailed 5-2 in the 9th but the only way this team was going back to Chicago was for the NLCS. Bryant singled, Rizzo walked, and Zobrist came up to the plate and brought in the first run of the inning on an RBI single to right field. A pitching change for the Giants would then bring Willson Contreras to the plate, who hit a sharp RBI single up the middle to tie the game at 5. 

Still with no outs in the inning, Jason Heyward came up to bat and would reach on a fielder’s choice. Then, just as he was the hero in Game 1 of this series, Javier Baez delivered what would be the game winning RBI. 

Aroldis Champan would enter in the bottom of the 9th and strike out the side. The “even year magic” storyline has officially been thrown away and honestly, thank God. Maybe part of me was just bitter seeing it all the time after the Giants knocked out the Mets in the wild card. But if you want to pull anything from the Cubs victory last night, it’s that its a great year for breaking superstitions.

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