Battle for the Midwest

A few weeks back, I predicted that the Tribe would make a push for the World Series. I cited their rough and tumble ability to make a comeback whenever it seemed like the game was just out of reach. I don’t think anyone could have predicted them sweeping the Red Sox and now being up 2-0 to the Blue Jays in the ALCS. The Indians suffered some tough pitching loses towards the end of their season, losing Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar. Because of that, pitchers like Josh Tomlin and Trevor Bauer had to step up for the post season. Tomlin making one of his most impressive starts yesterday in Game 2 against the Jays. 

We know by now that the Jays offense is a beast that’s not easy to shut down, and yet here are the Indians, doing just that.  The tribe’s starting rotation has put in their quality work, and giving just enough to get to Andrew Miller and the rest of their stellar bullpen. 

While I believe the city of Cleveland would just about erupt into chaos and joy if some how they managed to bring home two championships in the same year, after watching last night’s NLCS Game 1, I can’t help but finally want this championship for the Cubbies. 

I got home last night just in time to catch the bottom of the 8th and see Wrigleyville go insane. With the bases loaded, and the game tied at 3, Miguel Montero came off the Cubs bench and crushed an 0-2 pitch into a screaming crowd. 7-3 Chicago. 

If Cubs fans had been waiting for what would be their undoing this season, I truly believe that Montero erased their fears with that one swing of his bat. The Cubs would go on to win 8-4.

Kershaw is on the mound tonight for the Dodgers, but after having pitched the 9th on two days rest and throwing 110 pitches in his last NLDS start, the Cubs may have a slightly easier time getting to him early in the evening. Then again, Kershaw has seemed super human with what he can do sometimes. If anyone was going to rescue LA from going down 2-0 it would be him. 

I know it’s probably too soon to call, but the way things have been shaping up, I say we see a Cleveland/Cubs World Series, with the Cubs winning it all in 7.  

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