Saving Grace

Let’s talk about the Mets again for a hot minute. It couldn’t be helped that this season injuries swept through the clubhouse like a tornado. Even with the significant damage that was done to their starters, the Mets clawed their way through August and into that Wild Card game. 

Which leaves us to wonder, “What would the year have looked like if everyone was healthy?” Mets fans will have to wait till March of 2017 to have that question answered. But after two back to back post season appearances the word “wait” just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. 

Jeruys Familia recorded a total of 51 single season saves this year for the Mets and now holds the new franchise record. Passing Armando Benitez who held the previous record of 43 single season saves. But despite another great year for Familia, he couldn’t seem to keep it together once again in the post season. Two post seasons, with two blow saves, is one too many for the Mets, as word started circulating these past few days that the team could be looking to acquire closer Kenley Jansen from the Dodgers.

Jansen put on quite a show in Game 5 against the Nationals, when he threw a career high 51 pitches to help the Dodgers keep the Nats a bay till Kershaw would make an appearance to close out the game in the 9th. If the Mets were to actually pursue Jansen, what would this mean for Familia? Reed has been a stellar set up guy for the 7th or 8th inning, so I can’t see them moving Familia back an inning or two just to have Jansen pitch the 9th. I don’t know if the Mets will necessarily  give up on Familia as a closer all together either. He’s put in good work for this team for the past two seasons. However, if they acquired Jansen, the deal could possibly look something like 4 years for $50 million. And with that kind of money, it’s not likely that the Mets wouldn’t have Jansen as their main closer.  Jansen can come through in those tight situations, while watching Familia in big games has recently caused for a feeling of impending doom. It’s great what Familia has done for the Mets, but the truth is if you can’t get those saves when it really counts, all that hard work doesn’t seem to matter. 

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