“Killing Them Softly”

Those were the words of Joe Buck on Thursday night as the Cubs collected a series of small infield hits on Thursday night in the top of the 8th inning. The speed of those singles hit in the Top of the 8th reached about 39.3 MPH, 80.9 MPH, and 68.5 MPH. The Cubs entered the top of the 8th with a 3-1 lead, but had already stranded several runners in scoring position in the past few innings and couldn’t seem to get those insurance runs in. These soft little hits slowly started to chip away at the Dodgers making it 5-1. 

Javier Baez would once again get to play the role of the Cubs post season hero. Putting the nail in the Dodgers Game 5 coffin, Baez crushed a double to right field that cleared the bases. 8-1 Cubs. Baez seems to come through every time the Cubs need him most. And not just at the plate either, he’s been stellar defensively this entire post season as well. Including a fantastic play he made last night robbing Adrian Gonzalez for a bunted base hit. Charging the ball, Baez bare hands it and slings it over to Rizzo. After a review of the play Gonzalez who was initially called safe, was called out at first.

If the Cubs were in an offensive slump, it certainly didn’t last for long. Which is exactly what we’ve come to expect from this team. Collectively the Cubs have scored 18 runs between Games 4 and 5, just a day after Pete Rose had criticized their level of offensive play on Fox Sports during the post game show. Rose said he couldn’t understand how this was a team that won 103 games this season. Well I hope Mr. Rose was watching these past two nights because the Cubs just sent the world a reminder. 

Game 6 won’t be easy. A rematch of the dueling aces Kershaw and Hendricks. But the Cubs have Chicago on their side. Wrigley Field will be shaking with anticipation and joy. It’s a feeling that the Cubs and their fans have been carrying since opening day. It’s that feeling that says “this is already ours, and you can’t take it away from us.”  

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