The Tribe Kluber the Cubs in Game 1

It was a big night for the city of Cleveland. The Cavs raised their Championship banner, and the Indians were ready to take Game 1 of the World Series. Fans poured into Progressive Field with the hopes that their Championship year wouldn’t be coming to a close just yet. 

Their ace on the mound, Corey Kluber set a new World Series record for 8 strikes outs through the first three innings. The record was previously held by Bob Gibson, Orlando Hernandez and Randy Johnson, with 7 strikeouts through three innings. Despite Chicago’s best efforts, the Cubs could just not seem to keep up with Kluber.

Kyle Schwarber would make his first appearance at the plate since his season ending injury on April 4th. Schwarber was one of the few Cubs that managed to get on base last night, hitting a double in his first at bat. But having Schwarber back just wouldn’t be enough for the Cubs last night. The Indians were were up 3-0, and throughout the post season had scored all of their runs before the sixth inning. Roberto Perez would be the one to break that pattern as he blasted a 3 run shot to put the Tribe up 6-0. 

Cubs fans may be ready to hit the panic button, and bring out the goats, but I wouldn’t do so just yet. We’ve seen this before. They went into a bit of a hitting slump against the Dodgers the first time they saw Kershaw. The difference between the Cubs and some of the other teams that the Tribe has faced this post season, is that they don’t stay in those slumps for very long. As evidenced by the scoring show the Cubs put on in games 4 and 5 of the NLCS. 

Kluber was the best the Indians have right now, even if Salazar comes back for an appearance for Game 4 he still may not be pitching at his full potential coming off of his injury. The Cubs should be able to make a significant dent against Bauer in Game 2 tonight. While the Indians may have a bit more work to do against Arrieta. 

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