Everyone Loves a Game 7

You’re probably wondering, “Cola, where the hell were your updates on Games 2-6?” or more likely “I forgot you were doing this.” Well, the short answer is: I was taking a lovely vacation away from the stresses of life and baseball. 

But now I’m back! Ready to enjoy all the drama of the last baseball game we get to watch until March. I was in an airport in Orlando on Sunday night when the Cubs battled their way out of Game 5. My flight had been delayed 4 hours and it was getting late. The airport bar was shutting down, but remained open so that everyone could finish watching the end of the game. The Cubs would just scrape by to keep their championship dreams alive with a 3-2 victory. 

In Game 6 however, the Cubs muscled their way past Tomlin with ease. In the bottom of the first with two out, Kris Bryant would put the Cubs up with a home run to get things off to a quick start. Rizzo and Zobrist would follow with back to back singles, and Addison Russell would double to bring them both home. By the end of the 1st the Cubs had a 3-0 lead. 

Arrieta was having a great night on the mound, but there was always the possibility that the Indians could come back and hurt them. A 3-0 lead is nothing against Cleveland’s offensive monster. So in the top of the 3rd the Cubs thought they would tack on a few more insurance runs. With the bases loaded Addison Russell came to the plate and hit a grand slam. At 22 years old he’s the second youngest player to hit a grand slam in a World Series game. The youngest? Mickey Mantle of course. 

The Cubs went up 7-0 and cruised through the rest of the game. Only giving up two runs to the Indians before the bottom of the 8th. After their lead had been cut down 7-2, Anthony Rizzo thought it was best he get involved and bring back that 7 run lead. In the top of the 9th with Kris Bryant on first, Rizzo homered to right. 

The Cubs would go on to win Game 6. Final score 9-3. 

It’s winner take all tonight, Kluber v. Hendricks. The question will be can the Cubs take revenge on Kluber for game 1 like they did on Tomlin last night. Will the Indians blow a 3-1 lead and lose a Championship as karma for the Cavs pulling an upset on Golden State this past summer? This is the best TV there is. The realest reality show. This is my Bachelor season finale. Either way, someone is going to be crying and someone is getting champagne.  

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