Reign On Your Parade

I love the city of Chicago. I’ve been there in the frozen winter. I’ve been there during the warm summer. It was a city that instantly felt like second home to me. It had everything I liked about New York, but without the rush and panic that Manhattan carries. I constantly picture myself living there at some point in my life. I have family there, I’ve taken classes at Second City,  and I’m always looking forward to the next time I can go back. 

I didn’t think it was possible at first for the Cubs to pull this off. Throughout most of the season there was a part of me that thought it would be funny if the curse just kept on going. But the more I watched them, the more I found myself cheering them on. Despite their regular season record, they were still the underdog of it all. No one thought they could have the best record in baseball and still win the World Series. It was just something that didn’t happen about 90% of the time. But by the time they got to the World Series, everyone in the country outside of Ohio wanted to see the Cubs raise that trophy. 

The Cubs won this game in a way that only the Cubs would. It was a Game 7 for the ages, Maddon and Francona using everyone possible from their bench and bullpen to try and get that win. I started writing this post in the bottom of the 8th last night, and when Cleveland came back to tie it, I thought for sure that I had jinxed them. 

Then, with the game still tied, the heavens opened up. After already blowing their lead, it seemed to literally rain on the Cubs parade. You could feel a collective held breath all the way from Wrigleyville, as the rest of us at home had to suffer through watching Joe Buck ramble on for 15 minutes.

After what felt like an eternity, the top of the 10th began and the Cubs went right to work. Schwarber got things started off with a single into right field. After Kris Bryant flied out to center, Cleveland tried to play it safe by walking Rizzo. Zobrist would punish them for that, belting a double into left field. 7-6 Cubs.

Cleveland decides to try this whole intentional walk process again with Addison Russell. It’s deja vu as Miguel Montero singles into left and Anthony Rizzo scores. 8-6 Cubs. Cleveland would escape the inning with just two runs and were down to their final three outs.  After a strikeout and a ground out. The Cubs were just one away from destroying 108 years of “maybe next year.” However Edwards would walk Brandon Guyer and then give up a single to Rajai Davis. The Cubs lead was now 8-7. Not taking any chances, Maddon brought in Mike Montgomery to get the last out. Once again, even with one out left, it seems like the Cubs season was still on the brink of implosion. 

Michael Martinez hits a soft ground ball towards third. Bryant charging the ball, scoops it up with a smile on his face as he throws to Rizzo at first. Curse broken. Goat busted. The Cubs are world champions for the first time since 1908. 

The city of Chicago erupts with pure joy. You deserve it Cubs fans. Chicago will be celebrating until spring training in March. Fly the W. 

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