Houston Calling

While Mets fans wait in anxiety and panic for the Mets to start making their off season moves, teams like the Astros have wasted no time in picking up the pieces to try and make their team a threat in 2017. 

Within the past week the Astros signed Josh Reddick to a 4 year $52 million dollar contract. As well as picked up Brian McCann from the Yankees for $10 million and two of their pitching prospects Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman. Reddick put up some great numbers with the A’s and Dodgers last season .296/.368/.449 and is a solid defensive outfielder as well. 

McCann is definitely one of the better catchers in the game right now if not the best. The only cause for concern here would be that he is a bit on the older side at 33 years old. But the Astros can always use him as a power hitter DH option as well if he needs some days off behind the plate. 

It looks like those two were just the beginning in regards to Houston’s big off season moves as they’re now reportedly also interested in signing  free agent Mike Napoli from the Indians. Napoli is also on the older side much like McCann but he’s coming off of one of his better years hitting  a career-high 34 home runs and 101 RBIs. It was even previously rumored that they could be interested in Carlos Beltran as well if he didn’t end up back with the Yankees again. 

It’s clear Houston is trying to bulk up on power next season, but I always hate seeing teams take chances on older players to do so. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen moves like this fail for the Mets in the past, but going for those older power hitters only seems to work out about half the time. It’s all that’s ever talked about in the off season and then usually these guys end up hurt or underproducing and half way through the season everyone is looking for answers. It would be different if the Astros were trading for good hitters and position players that were a bit younger because there’s always the potential for further development there. 

The Astros finished their season 84-74 and third in the AL West. It’s not too terrible considering Seattle was just slight better at 86-76 and the Rangers ran away with the division. One could assume that these heavier hitters they’re picking up are to do battle with Texas specifically next season. It could very well be a battle for the lone star state next season if Houston continues to make these types of moves. 

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