Hot Goss

The Mets did me a huge favor and signed Cepedes early this off season. Now I can sit back and enjoy and or worry about other trades that might be happening in the next two months.  I hate gossip, but I LOVE I could sit around all day reading these trade rumors and letting my real life work pile up around me.  

Yesterday there was a lot of chat about Andrew McCutchen possibly going to the Nationals. As a Mets fan anything that happens on the Nationals end is definitely of high interest to me. This particular deal doesn’t worry me too much. McCutchen had been showing some signs of decline in recent years, and the Pirates are always one of those teams that are just on the cusp of a big post season appearance but never seem to really get there. I always thought McCutchen would retire with the Pirates. He’s a fan favorite, he’s spent his entire career in Pittsburgh, received the Golden Glove in 2012, and made All Star Game appearances in 2014 and 2015. There’s no doubt that 2016 was one of his worst career years but I guess the Pirates know they can get some new young talent for the possibility that other teams still see that All Star type of player in him. These are my least favorite types of trades, but it seems like it would be hurting the Nats more than the Pirates so I won’t complain too much. According to the Nats would be giving up a Number 2 prospect, 19 year old outfielder Victor Robles in order to acquire McCutchen. It’s a very risky move. That’s some great young talent the Nationals would be giving a way in hopes that a once All Star player, now later in his career, might bounce back from a poor season. The Texas Rangers are apparently interested in McCutchen as well, however it seems like the Nats are really the team making that push for him. 

The Braves are still the most interesting team to me right now as far as their rebuilding goes. I’ve mentioned in a previous post, it looks like the Braves have sort officially transitioned out of a rebuilding stage and are moving a on to a “win now” phase. If some of these offseason moves work out well for them, it could be a very interesting NL East come April, with the Mets, Braves and Nats all pushing to win the division. 

Yesterday the Braves completed a trade with the Cardinals for pitcher Jamie Garcia. In my opinion Garcia is a solid starter, the only issue is that he’s been plagued by injuries According to Garcia hasn’t made 20 season starts since 2011, his second year in the majors. The Braves traded away two mid level pitching prospects tot he Cardinals in return, John Gant and Chris Ellis. I liked John Gant, but mostly because he was drafted by the Mets in 2011 and from what I saw from him this year with the Braves, he could have been a nice prospect to develop for them. Gant had a weird second step toward the mound as part of his wind up, which as someone watching him, I found insanely distracting so I can’t imagine how hitters had to adjust. 

Much like the possible McCutchen trade with the Nats, this was a risky move for the Braves. They don’t know if they’ll get the healthy Garcia or one riddled with injuries. I could see why they made the move though. The White Sox are out there still looking to trade Chris Sale, but Sale comes with a much heavier price tag. The Braves are one of the few teams that could get that deal done if they wanted to because of that Minor League depth, but I feel like we won’t see a deal for Sale until much later in the off season. 


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