Trading Sox

Keeping an eye on the trade market during these winter meetings, I look at everything in the sense of how it can help or hurt the Mets. The Red Sox just helped the Mets in probably the biggest way since Buckner missed that ground ball up the first baseline in 86. 

The Nationals continue to get no love on the trade market. They let Melancon go to the Giants for 4 years and $62 million, and now just when it seemed they’d be getting another ace on their pitching staff to join Strasburg and Scherzer, the Red Sox have swooped in and grabbed Sale.  In the words of Metsblog writer Maggie Wiggin:

The Nats being unwilling to part with their top prospect Trea Turner may have been what kept this deal from going through, while the Red Sox basically gave the South Siders their entire future in return for Sale. (Not really, but losing Moncada and Kopech is quite the blow to the Sox farm system) 

The Nats rotation is still a force to be reckoned with, but doesn’t come close to what the Mets have in place when their rotation is healthy. Had the Nats acquired Sale it would have made things very interesting come April. I wish I could say I had the same confidence as Syndergaard when it came to that situation: 

If the Nats wanted to look at the bright side of things, they could still manage to use some of those farm system trading chips to get McCutchen. But it will be interesting to see where their next move is from here. Even if the Nats didn’t pull off any huge deals this offseason, they’re not exactly doomed in 2017. There’s always MLB’s favorite frat boy Bryce Harper that will be looking for an outlandish deal. 

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