Joey Bats Returns to the Six.

Winter marches on and we’re now just 26 days from the start of spring training. Jose Bautista had originally rejected his qualifying offer from the Blue Jays to seek out a busy free agent market. At the start of the off season I genuinely couldn’t picture Bautista being sought out by another team. He’s coming off a year of injury that wasn’t his best, and to the free agent market, why take a chance on what could be a decline from here on out. That being said, I don’t think Bautista is finished quite yet. 

After coming off this past year that wasn’t his best,  I think it’s great that he ended up resigning in Toronto. For 1 year, he was able to snag at least $18 million which is just slightly more than what the qualifying offer was that he rejected. Much like Cespedes is for the Mets, Bautista is a power hitter that the Jays lineup definitely needs now that they’ve lost Encarnacion to the Indians. He’s been the face of the franchise for years now, so it seems fitting that he would stick around. Which means we get to see more bat flips and fights with Odor. Here’s to you Joey Bats!

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