Late in the Game

Baseball fans! I know, I’m super late writing my first post of the 2017 season. We’re already through the month of April and to say baseball’s first month was interesting would be an understatement. I’ve been going through some big life adjustments so hence the quiet April on my end, but I’m back and officially off the DL. 

Speaking of the DL, that’s where most of the Mets have been living. Syndergaard, Cespedes, Matz, Duda, Flores, am I missing someone? Probably. Because that list is already far too long for my liking after one month of baseball. At the Mets home opener this year things seemed hopeful. They beat the Braves 6-0 and as usual for a brief shinning moment Mets fans felt that “this would be the year.” It’s still very early of course, too soon to really say that it’s absolutely not going to be the year, but losing to the Nationals 23-5 after your ace pitcher is injured, doesn’t exactly leave anyone with an air of confidence. 

It hasn’t just been the Mets though, April shattered everyone’s expectations of who would be at the top of their division. Both Colorado and Arizona sit at the top of the NL West standings and the Giants are dead last. The Cubs have a hold of the NL Central but are still only one win over .500, and in the AL East, Boston and Toronto can’t seem to get their offense going. Although Chris Coghlan flipping over Yadier Molina was absolutely spectacular:

I can watch that video a hundred times and still can’t believe he managed to pull that off. But despite where things stand at the end of April, there’s still a lot of baseball left to play. My hope is that things will start trending upward for these teams with high expectations. But if not, it will have been the year of the upset from the moment the season has started. 

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