Gotham. Is. Pissed.

To say that the Mets are off to a rocky start to their season at this point would be a gross understatement. Injuries plague the team, Syndergaard is now on the 60 day DL, Cabrera is lucky that his thumb injury isn’t worse, Cespedes still has yet to rejoin the line up. But despite all these things, the Mets seemed to be on the up and up these past few games. They came back to win in Miami after being down 7-1, and that’s just the type of teasing hope that Mets fans get right before we are kicked in the face. 

News broke yesterday that Matt Harvey would be suspended for 3 days without pay. The suspension had apparently started the night before, but what this meant was that Harvey would not start the Sunday afternoon game. Instead, Adam Wilk was called up from Las Vegas to pitch in his place. 

Mets fans have pretty much had it at this point with Harvey’s non sense. I don’t doubt of course that if Harvey had been putting up great numbers that this incident may have not been as big of a deal. But Harvey in all aspects seems to have been on the steady decline since 2015 ended. The years of 2012-13 playing the Dark Knight, hero for his team and city seem to be over. And every time it looks like he may turn a corner and head back in that direction, something like this happens, or he says something stupid because of his agent, or he’s hurt again. This is just another awful distraction for a team who for the first time in over a decade could have had a potential shot at another World Series run. 

Some are speculating that the suspension may have had something to do with the clubhouse prank pictured below after the Saturday night game {NSFW}: 

And while crass, it seems unlikely that this would be the case. There’s also no proof that Harvey was behind said prank. Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins were both pretty pissed about what ever the issue actually was and both are determined to try and keep the issue in house. 

The New York media is ruthless, and it’s only a matter of time before we all find out what it was that got Harvey suspended for “a violation of club rules,” and for three days without pay it must have been something that really upset the organization. 

To add insult to injury, instead of acting like an adult about the situation Harvey is instead fighting the 3 game suspension. My guess is that Harvey won’t be a Met much longer after this. The past season and a half Harvey seems to be more trouble than he’s worth. The Mets organization and fans are getting frustrated and tired of waiting for him to grow up. 

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