One of the Greats.

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear at this point, from my posts, or the Noah Syndergaard banner on the site, I am a Mets fan. True blue, till I die, most likely from a heart attack that the team will give me. 

I grew up in a house divided. My mother was a Yankee fan and my father a Mets fan. And while she left my father to select my baseball religion, I did end up watching a lot of Yankee games on certain nights. I started following baseball in 1998. Right around the time where the Yankees were on their consecutive World Series runs, and the Mets had one of the best infields in baseball. 2000 was a heartbreak in my home. Watching my mom and sister celebrate their victory over that “other team from New York” when I was 10 years old wasn’t easy. My father kind of just looked at me with a face that said “Yeah, get used to this being a Mets fan.” I was fine with that, and settled nicely into the role of lovable losers with the Mets. 

Since the Mets often missed the playoffs, I found myself watching a lot of Yankee games with my mom in the fall, getting to enjoy Derek Jeter’s classic moments. We stayed up late to see him become Mr. November, and watched in awe at “The Flip” in the 2003 ALDS against the A’s. And even though there were times where my dislike for the Yankees was at an all time high, I always liked and respected Derek Jeter for being a class act, and one of the best in the game. 

I remember jumping up and down in the living room with her on those nights where the Yankees won it all. Those four years (aside from the year they beat the Mets) were nothing if not an absolute thrill to witness. It’s amazing to know I got to grow up in a time where I could watch a baseball legend born on the field. I often think about how it must have been how kids felt growing up and getting to see players like Mantle and Ruth. 

And while my dad made me a Mets fan, it was my mom’s passion for baseball and her team, that made me become that type of baseball fan that I am today. She would cut out the Yankees (and Mets) schedules from the Daily News and attach them to our fridge. Then on the Yankee schedule she would add either a “W” or an “L” within each little box after every game to keep track throughout the season. And I knew that at 7pm each night that it was time for baseball, my mom would settle in with her espresso on the couch and we could watch with her. 

And so because yesterday was mother’s day I wanna say thanks to the woman who gave me so much and is truly one of the greats. Here’s a photo of my mom attempting to make me a Yankee fan at a young age and I guess my face pretty much says it all:

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