Bay Area Brawl

It’s unseasonably cold in New York but I had the pleasure of spending Memorial Day at Citi Field watching the Mets beat the Brewers. The Mets are now 3-0 in games I’ve attended this season. (One of them being a road game in Philly) And if I was planning to be in New York for the rest of the season I would make a healthy case for someone to buy me a season ticket plan. (More on my move away from NY in a later post.) 

But the more entertaining story of the day was out in San Francisco, where everyone’s favorite bro-y baby man Bryce Harper chose to charge the mount after Strickland nails him in the hip with a 98 mph pitch. Now, as much as I love a good fight in hockey, I do not love a fight in baseball. Hockey lends it self to violence, where as in baseball, it just seems unnecessary. The Nats were up on the Giants, and they would go on to win the game 3-0. There was absolutely no reason for Harper to react the way he did. Also, the man clearly cannot throw a helmet at someone the right way. 

Strickland isn’t totally innocent here. Some were wondering if this was a revenge throw for Harper hitting two home runs off him back in 2014 during the NLDS. I highly doubt that was the reasoning behind the throw. As if Bryce Harper doesn’t give everyone in the MLB a new reason to hate him every other day. There’s no way the man is holding a grudge from the year the Giants ended up winning the World Series. 

The only fun part about this whole thing were the photos. I mean come on, they look like oil paintings from a war scene:

So much drama. So much bad hair flowing in the wind. Two Giants players collided with each other. I think one of them was Brandon Crawford? Anyway, you can checkout the full video here.

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