One Night in Hollywood

This Mets/Dodgers series is bitter sweet to me. Last night after Wheeler gave up 7 runs in the first two innings I almost turned off the radio broadcast all together. I stuck it out in hopes to hear of a Mets comeback. Well I was right about the comeback part, but it was no where near enough. Even with 4 home runs, and Gavin Cecchini’s first in the bigs, the Dodgers still overpowered the Mets flailing bullpen. It was like watching your new dad beat up your old dad.

Through the first half of the game, Howie Rose described the beautiful mountains and sunset over Dodger Stadium, trying to put a smiley face on the fact that the Mets are slowly going down in flames. All I could think was, at least I have that view to look forward to in a few weeks when I’m there. But it was Cody Bellinger’s home runs into the sunset that was the highlight of the evening. 

In a weird way, I’m proud of the Mets for giving Bellinger two dingers last night. Why? Well, the first home run tied Bellinger with Gary Sanchez of the Yankees for the fastest to 20 career home runs. While a multi homer run game isn’t completely impossible, it would seem unlikely that he would manage to break the record in the same night. Unlikely I suppose, if you’re not playing the Metropolitans of New York. Bellinger hit his second home run of the night in the bottom of the 2nd, making him the fastest to 21 home runs in 51 games. 

Whether your a Dodger fan or not, in the post steroid era it’s an amazing thing to witness young players come up and put on a show of raw talent. Way more impressive than watching big puffy guys like Bonds or McGuire back in the day. (At least I think so)  

If the Mets did one thing for me last night, it was prevent an Yankee player from breaking another record. That’s how far we’ve fallen this season. I’m praising a Met’s pitcher for helping another player reach a milestone. 

At least the baseball atmosphere will be a bit more positive when I make my home in the Hollywood hills. 

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