Cubs Visit Trump in the White House, Setting Off Another 108 Years of Bad Luck

The Cubs are not the power house they were last season. The bats haven’t always been there, it was a tough blow losing their lead off hitter to the Cardinals, and the pitching staff is starting to show it’s age. It’s not uncommon for teams to suffer a “World Series Hangover,” few teams often go back to back. Hence the San Francisco Giants and their “Even Year Magic” theme. It’s tough to create a baseball dynasty, I’ve only seen the Yankees pull off such a feat in the late 90s/ early 2000s. 

The Cubs have floated just below or above .500 this year. Which is a shock in comparison to how they ran away with the NL Central just a year ago. And while they consider their curses to be broken, they may have just kick started a brand new one. 

It’s tradition for a World Series team to visit the White House to visit the president in office that year, to present him a jersey. 

So much about that was fun. Obama grew up in Chicago, (although he is a White Sox fan) and it was cool to see a hometown team with the President in DC. The Cubs winning that World Series was one of the last good memories I have of last fall before our country descended into the rule under a tyrannical baby. 

I remember saying I was going to order one of those W flags so I could run down the street with it too once we had our first female president. (Something I still plan on doing if the world doesn’t end before then) 

But of course, nothing gold can stay…away from 45’s little grip. The Cubs visited the White House yesterday, presenting him with his very own piss colored jersey. It was completely unnecessary, aside from the fact that I assume 45 demanded it happen. Seeing those pictures forever ruined the good memories I had of that World Series run for the Cubs. It put a stain on that feeling I get when ever I think about that last good thing from October 2016. 

The Cubs season, already mediocre, seemed to continue in a downward spiral when later that night Kris Bryant suffered an ankle injury. One of their best players could now be headed to a stint on the DL and it could not come at a worse time. Just several hours earlier, catcher Miguel Montero had been released by the team for mouthing off against Arrieta. 

So I’m calling it now, this second little visit may have just caused the Cubbies another 108 years of bad luck. 45 is the black cat that crossed the dugout, the fan that had to touch that fly ball, and the dirty goat that was dragged into Wrigley, all rolled into one. 

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