The Hot Corner

With the all star game right around the corner, we’re down to the wire with the final ballots. What I think came as quite a surprise to most is that Kris Bryant, one of the faces of the Cubs championship franchise, was not a given in this years all star lineup for the National League. At the same time, I don’t find it surprising at all. Bryant’s numbers this year, much like the Cubs numbers in general, have been about average:

You can’t send someone to the All Star game based off what they’ve done in the past. Bryant has struggled a little this year, but he’s a great player and I’m sure will turn things around. However at this point in the season, he doesn’t get my vote for an All Star third baseman. 

Bryant’s main competition for this last spot is Justin Turner. Based on my previous posts, I think you all know how much I personally love Turner. But he’s been having a monster year with more than enough stats to back it up:

He’s been far more productive than Bryant in fewer at bats. He came off the DL and wasted no time in picking up right where he left off with his offensive production. As of this point in the season, Turner is just the better ball player, and he definitely deserves that last spot on the roster. I voted an unnecessary amount yesterday and here’s the link so you can too! 

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