The Trade Deadline is coming

The trade deadline is just around the corner and it’s my favorite time of the year. Just sitting around making bold predictions of what teams will pick up which stars from teams that are just crashing and burning. It’s my equivalent of celebrity gossip. I could just keep MLB Trade Rumors open all day and shovel popcorn into my face while I wait for these big moves to happen.

The Yankees were the first to pull of something big, which seems to be a double win for them since it hurt the Red Sox. From MLB Trade Rumors:

Image 2017-07-19 at 11.42.12 AM.png

The Yankees certainly had the prospects available for this deal to get done, and the South Siders continue to stockpile their young talent.

Sean Doolittle, national treasure of the Oakland Athletics, much to my personal dismay is headed to the Nationals. Which is a solid deal for the Nats who desperately needed help in a bullpen that continues to cough up games for them. My prediction is still that they won’t be able to make it out of the first round of the post season. My hope is that they’ll once again be slayed by my new hometown team, the Dodgers.

Speaking of the Dodgers, it would be fantastic if they managed to pick up Stanton or Sonny Gray, though the way things have looked since they’ve come out of the All Star break it doesn’t seem like they’re in dire need for too much help. Gray is more likely to end up in Kansas City or in Houston. Stanton will probably end up in one of those last minute deals right before the deadline if he does leave Miami.

And what about the state of the Mets? Word came down today that they could be close to trading an infielder to the Red Sox who are now in need of a third baseman. Asdrubal Cabrera was the first name on that list which didn’t surprise me at all since he made a very public statement about wanting to leave just a few weeks ago. But apparently Flores and T.J. Rivera’s names are on that list as well. Wilmer Flores forever the fan favorite of every Mets fan on the planet would be such a huge loss for New York. He may not be an All Star, but he has so much heart and genuinely loves to play for his team. I still get tears in my eyes watching his walk off against the Nats in 2015. Tugging on the Mets logo with joy as he came running down the third baseline.

For myself and for most Mets fans, 2015 seems like a decade ago, and now all we can do is hope and build for the future. Fingers crossed this means we’ll at least get to see some of the young ones coming up soon.

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