What ever happened to the Brooklyn Dodgers?

The Dodgers seem unreal. Last night marked their 80th victory of the season. Baseball fan or not, watching them on this historic run has been a real treat. It’s weird for me living in unfamiliar baseball territory. The Dodgers and the Mets don’t interfere with each other for the post season this year, and I rooted for the Mets whole heartedly each time the Dodgers came to town to punish us. Part of me is trying to embrace the Dodgers on this run by drawing parallels between my life and the team.

The Dodgers left Brooklyn in a historic time for New York baseball. The people of Brooklyn loved their Dodgers. “Dem Bums” as they were often affectionately referred to. They were the first version of the Mets. They were New York’s underdog in comparison to the Giants and the Yankees. My great uncle Nick was a huge Dodger fan for years while they were in Brooklyn. Things may have been a bit different for me had he stuck with them when they left for the west coast. But he instead decided to get on board with this new team in New York. The one they called, “The Metropolitans.”

California in the late 50s was just itching for a baseball team. Walter O’Malley wanted a new stadium in Brooklyn for his team, but was only offered a spot in Queens. So he decided to take a chance and make a home out west for his lovable baseball bums.  The rivalry between the Giants and Dodgers could now continue on the west coast.


Seeing the Dodgers play here is like seeing an old friend that moved out of your neighborhood when you were a kid. It’s exciting for a different reason. The Mets are my heart and home. They’re summer nights at the ballpark with my uncle and my dad, they’re sunny afternoon games with my best friend, the Mets are always going to mean the most. But when I look at the Dodgers, I see a mutual friend. “Hey, we both came from the same place. We’re both here now, and I want you to succeed.” It’s this sense of wanting that one person or thing from your hometown to be successful in this big new place, because it means that you can do it too. The Dodgers have found plenty of success since moving to LA. Their last World Series win was in 1988, just two years after the Mets last win. They’ve been shattering franchise records all season and the table is set for them to take it all this year. The Dodgers give me a sense of hope for my own life. There’s no limit to what you can make happen, even if you’re just a bum from Brooklyn.

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