Mets and Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It might as well be the new mascot for the Mets. Because there is nothing that defines them more than Murphy’s Law. Fans even started drawing that connection literally, all the way back to the 2015 World Series, when Daniel Murphy’s hot offensive streak ended and he was suddenly defensively inept in the field. It only went a step further the following year when Murphy signed a 3 year deal with the Nationals after the Mets failed to offer him one. Since signing with the Nats he’s done nothing but punish the Mets. This year so far he had a batting average around .483 against the Mets alone. And since he’s been traded to the Nats he’s consistently had an overall average well above .300.


But Murphy’s Law for the Mets didn’t just end with Murphy himself. The Mets stellar young pitching staff has done nothing but fall to injury since the 2015 season. None of them can all seem to stay healthy at the same time. Matz and Wheeler both went down once again. Matz looks to be having a similar season ending surgery that DeGrom had last year. Harvey and Syndergaard are trying to make a comeback this season, but there’s certainly no rush for it. Most Mets fans would rather have the rotation healthy for 2018 than have them rush back to pitch the last two weeks of a lost season.

Things seemed to be looking up for the Mets though. At least we had a little taste of the future these past few weeks with Conforto remaining a great young star on the rise and watching Smith and Rosario adapt to their new big league rolls. But things can only go well for the Mets for so long. Yesterday afternoon against the Diamondbacks, Conforto took too big of a swing at the plate, and dislocated his shoulder. Truly, only something that would happen to the Mets. Not only was it dislocated, but now, it seems that the shoulder will require surgery as well. The perfect metaphor for what has been a horrific season for the Mets and their fans. Conforto was having a fantastic year despite the Mets woes, hitting .279 with a career high 27 home runs.


All of that is over now. Terry Collins said post game yesterday he had “never seen and injury happen like that before.” No one had. The Mets may not always be know for the ability to set new offensive or defensive records on the field, but they will always be the first to a new and exciting way to get themselves injured. Collins wasn’t able to provide a timeline on whether or not Conforto would make a return this season. Again, I’m in the camp of “just let him heal and come back next year.” There’s no urgency to rush injured players back too soon and aggravate anything further. On top of it all the Mets training staff has the worst track record when dealing with their injured players. 2018 and 2019 could be great seasons for the Mets. But with Murphy’s Law constantly coming back to bite them, it seems almost impossible to predict just how it will all play out. 2015 was a great year, and almost a fluke sometimes when I look back on it. And trust me, I look back on it a lot, because to this day I still could not believe all the “magic” and good fortune that the Mets had that year. The famous phrase “The Magic is Back” was being throne around a lot. Right now it feels like the magic has run out.

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