Rhys Lightening

First off let me just say, I realized I’m very protective over other players adopting a storm related nickname every since we dubbed Noah Syndergaard as “Thor.” My first response is always “No! The lightening and all that comes with it belongs to Noah Syndergaard you peasants!” But at least this nickname suites Hoskins much more than “Red Thunder” suites Clint Frazier of the Yankees. (I’m trying to keep this blog professional so I’m not going to say what nickname makes me think of.)

Earlier this year, we watched rookie phenom Cody Bellinger break the record for fastest to 21 home runs in the majors. And now just a few weeks later Hoskins is setting records of his own. He came up during that series with the Mets and got off to a slow start. But in the week that followed, Rhys put on a show like a baby Giancarlo Stanton. He now holds the record for the fasted player to 10 home runs, with a batting average of .297 and a slugging percentage of .828.


The Phillies have been in rebuild mode for quite some time now and Hoskins is just the guy they need to continue to build around. I enjoy the Phillies as the Mets main rival in the division, and it’s always more fun to watch when the Phillies and the Mets are both good at the same time (Though I don’t think that’s been the case since the late 80s?)

So enjoy it Phillies fans. This kid looks like the real deal for the future. You deserve all your fun lightening nicknames and metaphors. Just remember who the God of Thunder still is in the National League East.

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