Oh Captain, Our Captain

David Wright has been the Mets fearless leader throughout the past decade. David Wright was not only the Mets captain, but Captain America:


Wright endured so much on a Mets team that was constantly changing around him. Mets fans loved that we finally had our franchise player. He was our Derek Jeter. And when 2015 rolled around and the Mets had their shot at a World Series, I wanted David Wright to have that ring more than anyone. Wright currently holds most franchise records for the Mets:

Image 2017-08-30 at 11.18.58 AM

But like most stories told by this ball club, our franchise hero, has some how become a tragic figure. Wight hasn’t played a major league baseball game since May of 2016. The injuries started to pile up the year before however, just as the Mets were starting to emerge as a force in the NL East. First it was his hamstring on a slide into second base, then it was revealed that he had been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. From there, it’s been nothing but an uphill battle for Wright. Back and forth stints on the DL, he could never seem to maintain consistent time on the field without an injury flaring up. I can only imagine that he must have played through some of that pain, because this is a man who loves the Mets. He wants the fans to know that he is battling for them. So that New York can have their captain back.

Chicago White Sox v New York Mets

Spinal stenosis was also the issue that cut the career of Prince Fielder short, so I have no doubt that Wright knows he’s playing against the clock. We were overjoyed when we saw him making those rehab starts in St. Lucie last week, and crushed once again to find out that due to shoulder pain, he was shut down from baseball activity once again. I, like many other Mets fans, hoped that we would maybe get to see Wright at the hot corner for one more season before he hung up his cleats, but it seems like that hope may be lost.

He deserved more. I have no doubt that his number will be retired by the Mets organization one day, and maybe he still has a shot at the Hall of Fame. Though some would argue that these last two injury plagued seasons may have hurt those chances. Realistically speaking, the Mets may have to take a look at that third base free agent market in the upcoming off-season. Sandy Alderson already seems to have this in mind but now the question is, who would the Mets pick up?


One possibility would be Mike Moustakas. Moustakas is having another great season with a Royals team that is still in a “will they or won’t they category” for the post season this year. His numbers right now are .277/.315/.546. He’s a great defensive third baseman as well with 183 assists on the year so far and a WAR of 2.4. That WAR is significantly higher than last years .7. Moustakas is still that elite third baseman that could provide a great presence in the Mets clubhouse as well. The question is, would the Mets be willing to go get him this offseason and what would they pay? This is a club that’s not known for making big offseason moves. (I’m honestly still surprised that we got a deal done for Cespedes.) Money could be an issue as well but if the Captain would hang up his cleats, that could shed some cash off the payroll.

Personally, I think Wright would make an excellent bench coach, or even a manager for the Mets some day. The fans would continue to adore him in that role. And then maybe, just maybe, he still has his shot at a World Series ring.


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